Crypto Mine Hosting

We offer state of the art mining services that allows you to have your mine hosted with us, removes all the hassle you just mine and earn while we protect your investment

IQ Tech Solution is a crypto currency orientated company that is focused on the development of blockchain technology, we have large scale mining facilities all across the Western Cape.

Sourcing & Hosting

IQ Tech Solutions' professional technical consultants will source your mine and host it with earning paid directly into your wallet. No Hidden Fees or profit sharing, a straight monthly.

Controlled Mining Rooms

Our dedicated mining facilities are temperature, humidity and dust controlled so your mine will always preform at its optimal level.  Our hosting plans include full electricity and maintenance costs

Mining Management

We manage your mine for you making sure that you will always be mining on the best pools, our hosting plans include full maintenance costs and you can monitor the status of your mine anytime anywhere

Why we are the best

IQ Tech Solutions, offers a turn key hosting solution for you to suit any crypto mining need that might possibly arise. We have more than 8 years experience in mining and managing crypto currencies.

We are based in Cape Town and have three hosting facilities across the Western Cape.

We value our customers opinions and strive to make their crypto dreams a reality. Our team is thoroughly trained, and offer quality service and vast amounts of power for all your crypto mining needs.

Very few other mining facilities will be able to offer this level of quality and service in a very well protected and secure data center space that utilizes all the newest and best of mining management technology.

Repair services are included in the hosting if you purchased your hardware from us. In the event we cannot repair we will replace with a similar model. There are no hidden cost anywhere ever. Insurance and security is also covered by us.

GPU Mine Hosting

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Trust your crypto partner profesionals to manage your mining equipment for you. You choose the hardware, and our expirtise and you have a winning formula. You mine directly to your own wallet with either one of our solo pools or any other pool of your choice. Benifit from our expert advice and we will monitor your monthly operations with our experienced team. You have full access via our online platform and full control over what your mining software does. Everything we do is completely transparent. We do not supply you we partner up with you. We take care of everything.